Add some French Practice to your Holidays!

If after reading this title you thought, “Why would anyone want to spend their holidays practicing a language?” it probably means your past experiences with language learning haven’t been too amusing and we’re here to help! It’s SO important to make language learning relevant and fun and the winter holidays can be a very helpful time to do just that. As always, this article is for ANYONE hoping to introduce French to their babies, toddlers, or young children. No matter how little or how much French knowledge you have yourself, there are many ways to introduce the language at home.

We’ve compiled the ultimate list of entertaining ways to introduce your family to some French this holiday season.

Hands-on French Activities

The snowy weather brings along the opportunity for many new activities. Introducing a few new words while playing while your child is a great way to help them learn some new French vocabulary, ex: building a snowman (un bonhomme de neige), going skating, tobogganing, or drinking “du chocolat chaud”. Crafting is always an engaging way to introduce new terms. Here’s a list of easy winter crafts for kids. Another fun idea is to take a spray bottle with coloured water and make snow art (while practicing “les couleurs” of course)! 
Click here for a free printable of French Winter vocabulary
 to enrich your winter activities.

Playing Holiday Tunes/Shows/Movies

There are some pretty catchy French winter tunes for children and music is one of the fastest ways to learn new words & phrases! Here is a YouTube playlist of French winter/holiday songs we put together for children as well as a list of children’s tv shows in French related to the winter holidays. 

Watch your Favourite Show/Movie

This can be great language practice for both adults and children alike. If there’s a movie you watch every year for the Holidays, why don’t you give it a try in French? Choosing a movie that you already know and love can be a great way to help you learn another language since you already have a good understanding of what’s being said. Did you know you can switch your Netflix to French? Here’s how. Also, here’s a list of French shows and movies for kids available on Netflix!

Our Online French Advent Calendar

We’ve made your job easy by compiling all our favourite tunes, activities, and French language suggestions into a free interactive advent calendar for you to complete this month with your little one! Check it out here. 

Gift-related French activities

French Books or French Toys as Gifts

If your family celebrates the Holidays with gift-giving, one GREAT way to incorporate French is to encourage family & friends to buy the French version of toys & books. Note: All electronic toys at Walmart can be ordered in French online and many French versions of toys & books can be found on Amazon.ca. What if your family/friends don’t speak French and/or wouldn’t have any idea what to get? We’ve got you covered. See a list of some of our favourite French books & toys here! 

French Experiences as Gifts

Another great way to encourage French practice is to gift experiences. Whether it be a Mommy/Daddy & Me French class for Parents and their little ones, or even an Adult French class- gifting the opportunity to learn or practice a language goes a long way! 123 Petits Pas offers Gift Certificates as well as starter packs for those looking to incorporate 123 Petits Pas into their holidays! 

Another experiential idea is to gift an activity that could encourage the use of French. Perhaps a museum pass (take a tour in French!), a ticket to see a French movie or play, a dance or cooking lesson instructed in French, or even a gift certificate to a French bakery where you will practice your ordering skills! Gifting an experience that includes language practice is a great way to ensure that learning stays fun. 

Joyeuses fêtes!

I hope this blog post inspires you to include a little French language learning into your family’s Holidays . Remember, any little bit counts!
Madame Amy

Madame Amy

123 Petits Pas Founder
"Maman" to a bilingual tot