C’est L’Halloween!!

Halloween is just around the corner and we hope everyone is ready to dress up, have fun with games, and eat some candy! Halloween can also be an opportunity to practice your French. Below you will find songs, crafts, games and ideas all related to Hallowe’en!


For starters, Mme Amy is throwing a Halloween party!

As long as baby stays put and does not come early. 
You can read more and register by clicking here

This song is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit and learn some Hallowe’en vocabulary. 

You can also download the FREE worksheet to accompany this song!

This Halloween French learning package contains:

  • “Lance et colorie” = a movement, counting, and colouring worksheet all in one! + A parent instructions & support page
  • “Les ombres” = draw a line between the image and its shadow
  • “Cherche et trouve” = Search and find game, Halloween style!
  • “Plus grand vs. plus petit” = Practice your sizes, grand = big, petit = small
  • French Halloween colour by number
  • “Trouve et écris” find the missing letter and fill the blank to complete the word
  • A Halloween journal entry – what will your child be for Halloween?
  • Halloween matching card game – colour the images, cut them out, turn them upside down, see if your child can find “les paires” = the matches
  • Spooky Car Ride Bingo (French version and English version): A fun adventure awaits you – get in the car and go for a drive! See how many of these fun Halloween items you can spot.


You can also check out our Hallowe’en French cheat sheet which can be found on our Instagram page for more Hallowe’en words:

An easy craft idea, is to create a skeleton using white construction paper (for the head), Q-tips (for all of the bones), and glue it all together. After making your skeleton you can also label the various body parts in French (la tete, les épaules, les genoux,etc)! 


We also love creating different pumpkin faces out of felt. You can create pumpkins together by cutting out orange felt and then using black felt for various eyes, noses and funny looking mouths. Have fun creating different faces over and over again! 


Need a mess free painting craft for your littles ones (or big kids if you just want to skip the mess!)? Quickly draw out a pumpkin on white paper (or card stock if you have it). Cut it out and place in a Ziploc bag. Add some yellow and red paint, and seal the bag tight. Have your child mix the colours together and spread the paint around to paint the pumpkin orange! Mess free and a learning activity on mixing colours- win win! 

You can also have fun going around your home or neighbourhood by completing a search and find. We love this one here by Amélie Isabelle! You can either walk around and search for those items, or cut our the images and hide them around your house to find. 


Another idea is to cut out the pieces and create your own BINGO sheet. Whoever finds a line of Hallowe’en decorations first, wins BINGO! 

How about making a magic potion? We love using this recipe:

  • Water
  • Dish soap
  • Food colouring (optional) 

Add water and some soap (and food colouring) to a large bowl. Stir and say some magic words! Then put a straw into the mixture and blow bubbles. Ta da! You now have your own magic bubbly potion! Pop all the bubbles and  start the fun all over again! 

A fun Halloween counting game is to create monsters with lots of eyes! For this game, simply draw out a simple monster shape… or one with lots of details but leave out the eyes! Then using a dice, see how many eyes your monster should have! Add googly eyes and have fun creating your monsters. For younger kids, you can leave out the dice, and see how many eyes they want to place on the monster, then have fun counting together! 

Play a game of charades with this list of French words! Have fun being silly and acting out the words and characters. 

  • Frankenstein = Frankenstein                                       

  • Pumpkin= une citrouille 

  • Vampire= un vampire

  • Witch= une sorcière

  • Jack-O-Lantern= une citrouille d’Halloween

  • Bat= une chauve-souris 

  • Costume= un costume / un déguisement

  • Ghost= un fantôme

  • Werewolf=un loup-garou

  • Monster= un monstre 
  • Full moon= une pleine lune    

  • Spider  = une araignée                                                 

  • Candy= des bonbons                         

  • Skeleton= un squelette 

  • Magic potion = une potion magique  

  • Zombie= un zombie

  • Cauldron= un chaudron

  • Mummy= une momie   

  • Broom= un balai         

  • Black cat= un chat noir                                             

We hope you have an amazing Hallowe’en this year. Have fun and eat sweet treats!