No! In fact, our programs are geared towards helping parents who have little to no French abilities in order to ensure their little ones the opportunity for French language exposure. 

Of course! Although you may not be learning the vocabulary yourself, your child will still benefit from participating in our French songs and activities as it’s of utmost importance that they realize French is spoken within their community as well. Please note that we do provide translations and explanations for English-speaking parents where needed.

We have Parent & Infant classes (0-24 months), Parent & Toddler/Pre-K classes (2-4 years), Parent & JK/SK children (ages 3.5-5yrs), and Parent & Child classes (3-6 years).

There is no need to register siblings to the same virtual class. The cost of our classes are per household. 🙂 Siblings attending the same class are free!

Please send us an e-mail ([email protected]) stating that you are interested in a certain program and we will add you to our e-mail list. 

Yes and yes. Please note that if you choose to attend both a Monday and Thursday program, for example, there will be repetition, however, this is never a bad thing when learning a new language! We give a 25% discount on the second program you register to (in the same session).
As for continuing to register for the next round after the completion of your first round of classes, you absolutely can register for more than one “round”- the more French exposure your child receives, the better. We have never taught the same session twice as we have a lot of repeat participants and want to keep them learning!

Yes. Each child must be accompanied by their parent or guardian at all times. 123 Petits Pas runs educational programs for both parents and children alike. You are responsible for your child’s safety and care during class time. That being said, a guardian can be a Grandmother, Caregiver, etc.

Please feel free to care for your child whenever, wherever you like. We pride ourselves on providing you with a comfortable, supportive space, for you to care for your child while learning some French! 

Refunds for live virtual classes are provided up to 1 week before the first class, after which a deposit of $25 is non-refundable to hold your place. Less the $25 deposit, the remainder is refundable until the completion of the second week of programming.

There is a no refund policy for the “JK/SK learning package” once the program has been sent. This is due to you immediately having access to all content and we are unable to revoke your access once it has been granted.

For our pre-recorded courses, we are able to refund, less a $25 deposit, if you have not downloaded or accessed any of the content past the first module. After which we are unfortunately unable to provide refunds. Unforeseen circumstances could allow for a transfer of funds to a future session, please email us at [email protected]

We understand scheduling can be difficult and it is one of the reasons for offering our live online classes such a discounted price. There are no refunds for missed classes, however, you can feel free to email us to ask for some extra resources and a quick summary regarding what you missed! If a different class that week works for your schedule, we’re happy to switch you over to make up for a missed class as well!