Our Educational Partners

Meghan Topolnisky

Meghan is a practicing occupational therapist in the Ottawa-Carleton region and will be hosting a live Q&A for our Prep for French School participants this summer!

Meghan has a particular interest in working with school aged children who are having challenges meeting the demands of the curriculum, including: children who face fine and gross motor delays, concerns around sensory processing, difficulty with written output and self-regulation, among other areas.

In addition to being an occupational therapist, Meghan is also a wife and mother to two young children, and understands the demands that everyday life poses on children and their families.

Lauren Barlow

Lauren Barlow will also be answering questions for our Prep for School parent participants and is an Ontario-registered Speech-Language Pathologist. She works with children of all ages and their families to achieve their speech and language goals while providing a dynamic and engaging therapy experience.  Lauren supports language learning, improving clarity of speech, early literacy and social skills for children with a range of challenges. Lauren is a strong believer in the benefits of bilingualism. 

Speech-Language Ottawa has a passionate team of therapists who offer services in both official languages. They work with children at home and in other daily environments to help support speech and language development in a setting where the child feels at ease. Services are customized, client and family centered, and clinicians strive to make therapy fun and engaging. Speech-Language Ottawa’s philosophy is to create an experience that your child looks forward to participating in while they achieve their speech and language goals.

Tiffany Drummond

Co-founder and Director of PROCARE Family Centre
Owner of Tiffany.D.Inspo

Tiffany has dedicated her life and career to working with parents, families and children from all walks of life. She fiercely believes in the vital role children and youth play in our future, and it’s her mission to inspire and support anyone who plays an active role in a child’s life. She aims to help them set developmentally appropriate expectations, make it fun and to be confident. 

She wants to leave the world with the message that whatever you do, do it with intention and a pure heart. Time will pass us by if we don’t realize how lucky we are for these seconds right now, so use your time on this earth wisely!

Educational French Programs Ottawa

Fast Forward French

Fast Forward French have over 25 years of experience providing French language classes for children and adults in the Ottawa area. They are the biggest French tutoring centre in Ottawa and they start at grade 1. Leave the French homework task to them.

Their innovative and carefully-structured classes are delivered with passion by a team of highly effective tutors. French tutoring and French day camps provide your child with the additional language education they need to succeed to start September with success. They also offer an after school drama club where kids can tap into their creativity and gain confidence expressing themselves in French.

Need your government levels? Fast Forward French is known to be the government French boutique school of Ottawa. Trust them to get you to your levels fast, and enjoy the learning process while you do so.

Our Local Partners

Alexandra DaPrato – Tiny Marvels

Owner and Photographer at Tiny Marvels

Alexandra will be photographing our 123 Petits Pas graduates! 

As a mom herself, she is passionate about photographing the fleeting moments of childhood. Alexandra is a minimalist photographer who loves to capture children in his or her purest form, allowing their personalities to shine through. Whether your child is a shy 4 year old, or an excited 2 year old (she has one of those), she is sure to capture a photograph you will treasure for years to come. 

Tiny Marvels is a local photography studio specializing in Newborn, Baby, Maternity, and Family photography.