Where parents & children come to learn French together through FUN!​

In this French learning podcast, Mme Amy (mother of 2 bilingual children, owner of 123 Petits Pas, and certified French educator in Ontario) speaks about her own experiences raising bilingual children, interviews other families and related professionals, and gives tips on making French learning from home FUN!

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Parent and Child French Podcast

Mme Amy talks about all the things related to introducing French at home, raising bilingual children, and making French learning fun for families! She’ll share her tips, not only as a French educator, but as a mother raising bilingual children, and she’ll interview some really interesting parents and professionals! 

Parent & Child French Learning Podcast avec Mme Amy

Podcast 3: Getting into French School with Parent Guest : Colleen of @Reidloveco

Madame Amy chats with a fellow Mom, Colleen of @Reidloveco, who speaks of her experience getting her daughter accepted into French school. They discuss the family’s language background, the admission process, how it’s going now, and tips on what other families can do to support their children in their French learning.

Podcast 2: Tips to Support Early French Readers : French Science of Reading & More!

Madame Amy discusses the science of reading in French vs. the old literacy methods taught in school and provides fun ideas for how to support your children/students in beginner French reading skills.

Questions like “What is the science of reading?” and “How can I help my child read in French if I can’t read in French myself?” will be answered!

Podcast 1: My Experience with Language Learning Anxiety and Becoming Bilingual.

In this episode I share:

– My past experience and reason for learning French as a second language
– How I overcame language learning anxiety in order to become bilingual
– My #1 tip for adults learning another language
– My advice on introducing a language to young children (despite learning it as a second language yourself)