French books for Babies and Infants

French books for Babies and Infants

A little while back we asked you when you started reading books with your infant/baby and we were surprised to hear that most of you started right from birth! Reading to your child is important for language development, and sensory play and is also a wonderful bonding experience. 

Whether you start reading with your child at birth or months later, it will always be an incredible learning opportunity for your little one. 

We have curated a list of our top French books for Babies and Infants along with a few tips for when you are reading with your infant.

Cher zoo by Rod Campbell 

A classic favourite lift-the-flap book where a letter is written to the zoo asking for a pet which results in a variety of interesting but unsuitable animals being sent. This is a simple story that everyone is sure to love. 

*Tip: Play “Coucou” with all the animals in this book as its a game every baby loves! 

Cher zoo by Rod Campbell

Ou est mon hibou? An Usborne book 

This comes from a series of books of “Ou est mon…” but we love this one as it includes a stuffed owl which is fun to accompany the book and our song “Coucou Hibou”. This is a great French book for Babies and  Infants with its touch and feel pages that discusses different tactile descriptions. 

*Tip: Babies love interactive books that they can explore. This book along with some of the others we mention are great for exposing them to different tactile materials.

Ou est mon hibou? An Usborne book

La chenille qui fait des trous by Eric Carle

This all-time classic picture book has beautiful illustrations and is great for counting practice, learning about different foods, days of the week and of course, the life cycle of a caterpillar. 

La chenille qui fait des trous by Eric Carle

Bonsoir Lune by Margaret Wise Brown

A bedtime classic featuring rhyming poetry is a great way to say “Goodnight” to your little one. 

* Tip: Extend the reading ( and vocabulary) by mimicking the story and say “bonsoir” to some of the things in your child’s room. 

Bonsoir Lune by Margaret Wise Brown

Bébé va au marché by Atinuke 

A story of a baby and his mother at the market. The baby gets into mischief as he fills Mom’s basket little by little, but always keeping a little something for himself. This charming book has rhythmic narration, lively and colourful illustrations along with a fun story and counting practice! 

Bébé va au marché by Atinuke 

Avec mon doigt… Coucou! Ou te caches-tu? An Usborne book 

Play peek-a-book with monkey, koala, lion and other friendly animals in this adorable book for babies. This book contains sturdy flaps for the animals to hide behind and fingernails and cut-out shapes to explore on every page. 

Avec mon doigt… Coucou! Ou te caches-tu? An Usborne book 

Bébé Koala: mon imagier tout-en-rond: Les couleurs by Nadia Berkane and Alexis Nesme  

Each page is a new colour to discover with animals and objects that correspond to it, perfect French book for Babies and Infants. 

* Tip: Gather some of your babies favourite toys and match them to the pages in the book to have more fun learning about colours! 

Bébé Koala: mon imagier tout-en-rond: Les couleurs by Nadia Berkane and Alexis Nesme  

Bonne nuit bébé panda by Nathalie Choux 

Another great bedtime book! Baby panda doesn’t want to go to bed so he gets up to some silly antics, until mommy panda catches him and gives him a big hug good night. 


Bonne nuit bébé panda by Nathalie Choux 

Ne chatouille pas le cochon! An Usborne book 

You better not tickle the pig as it just might oink if you do! Lots of soft touchy-feely patches to hear the different farm animals in this great little book. After the pig, cow, sheep and horse have been tickled, they all come together at the end, making their noises along to a well known tune. 

*Tip: Another great interactive book for babies to push buttons and explore both auditory and tactile stimuli!  

Ne chatouille pas le cochon! An Usborne book 

Tika Tika Boum Boum! By Bill Martin Jr and John Archambault 

Another classic for your bookshelf! When all the letters of the alphabet race once another up the coconut tree, will there be enough room? This book is excellent at exposing your child to the ABC’s in a fun and rhythmic way! 

*Tip: After reading the book, why not sing the ABC’s too! 

Tika Tika Boum Boum! By Bill Martin Jr and John Archambault 

La journée de bébé by Anne-Sophie Bost 

From a very young age, babies love to look at pictures of other babies! In this book, your child will discover a baby’s daily routine! The author has another called: Mon imagier des émotions which is incredible for babies as well. 

*Tip: In some of our infant classes we offer a way for you to create your very own book similar to this one with images you upload and simple French phrases that you learned over the course of the class. Your baby will be sure to love their very own baby book! 

La journée de bébé by Anne-Sophie Bost 

Au zoo- Coucou! By Anna Milbourne 

The zoo comes to life through these interactive pages with life-the flaps, short sentences and charming illustrations. Find it by searching the title in this Usborne catalogue.

Au zoo- Coucou! By Anna Milbourne 

Touche à tout bébés animaux by Scholastic

This book (along with a collection of Touche à tout books) offers lots of textured pictures to touch and explore. Pictures are bright and are identified with simple words. They’re also very durable and perfect for infants and tots. 

Touche à tout bébés animaux by Scholastic

Je t’aime de la tete aux pieds by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak 

A toddler and his teddy bear reveal a young child’s happy side, sad side, silly and mad side and more in this affirming declaration of love! 

Je t’aime de la tete aux pieds by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak 

*Tip: Be sure that any of the French books for Babies and Infants you read are board books or have sturdy pages. Your child will want to explore, drool, chew and manipulate the book in many ways!


For an even longer list of books for this age, check out our 123 Amazon wish list here.

Have any recommendations to add to this list? Send me an email at: [email protected] 

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