French Circle Time for Daycares

123 Petits Pas provides weekly French circle times to both home-based daycare and daycare centres throughout the city. 

What is a "French Circle"?

Our parent participants came to us asking for ways to continue our programming once their children started daycare. Hence the creation of our “French Circle Times”. We arrange weekly visits to both home and centre daycares in order to ensure that preschoolers have the ability to learn French prior to entering school.

  • We ensure that our little participants’ first experiences with the French language are encouraging and FUN.
  • We introduce basic French vocabulary that is useful to children in their day-to-day life.
  • We do this through: song, movement, and a variety of engaging activities.
  • We use helpful tools, such as: musical instruments, puppets, scarves, children’s books, and MUCH more!
  • We provide their parents with an online French learning resource database to help their child continue practicing at home.


Interested in having 123 Petits Pas visit your child’s Daycare? Feel free to share our pamphlet with your care provider and have them contact us.