Prep for French School Summer Program (3-4yrs)

Do you have a little one entering French Immersion or French school this fall? This program is for you! This program is an intensive course for preschoolers and their parents with the goal of preparing them for the French language learning that they will encounter upon entering school. 

Parents attend with their child, as a large part of the program is ensuring that parents have the vocabulary required to assist their child through their first few years in French schooling. If you are already bilingual, it would be more-so to teach you both what kinds of activities etc. you can expect your son/daughter to encounter in school and how you can best support him/her at home. The program allows for some one-on-one learning time between parent and child, as well as continued practice at home through the rest of the week. We do our best to cover the major educational topics mentioned in the Ontario Kindergarten curriculum.

  • Learning centres, sing-alongs, and activities that help teach basic French vocabulary (similar to our French Parent & Toddler classes, but with activities more suitable for older children [ages 3-4]) 
  • Crafts, story-time, and circle time(similar to activities done in school- All in French.)
  • A focus on teaching French commands that are frequently used in School (in order to help ease their transition to school) 
  • Observation time for parents (Normally you don’t get to witness their participation in a school environment. We wanted to allow you to see this first-hand and so there will be times when you will be asked to simply observe as the children participate in “circle-time”-like activities)
  • Online Q&A with a French Immersion Kindergarten teacher(To answer your questions about what you/your child can expect during the first weeks of school etc. She will be providing you with a sample daily schedule. This is to ease your mind in terms of any worries/concerns you may have in regards to starting your child in French education) 
  • Q&A with a Speech-Language pathologist & an Occupational therapist(For concerns/questions regarding your child’s specific needs and the best practices for keeping your child engaged with their learning.)
  • Resources:An online webinar (date TBD) will provide parents with many resources that can be used to help your children practice French at home. 
  • Check-in After school has started. The last day of class takes place after the first week of school. This is in order to have a discussion (with both parents and children) about how the first week has gone and to give your little ones a final boost of confidence as they begin their journey as students. 

Both. Our focus is on the “French education” aspect of beginning school. The English portion of JK/SK Immersion will not be discussed and so this program is suitable for both children entering Immersion and children entering French school as the subjects, themes, and activities. 

The cost of this program is $225 plus HST and includes 8 in-class sessions, 3 online info webinars, detailed recap emails for extra practice at home or in case you miss a class, as well as a personalized work folder that participants will take home at the end of the program.

Please contact us to get on the info list to receive first notice of registration opening.