Parent & JK/SK French (3.5yrs - 6 yrs)

A 3 Part Full Year French Homeschooling or French Schooling Support Program for 3-6 year olds

This is our most extensive program covering an entire year’s worth of junior/senior French kindergarten. Parts 1-3 together include 30 full weeks of French programming. Each weekly plans consists of 3 pre-recorded French video lessons, ample explanations & pronunciation guides for parents, as well as MANY downloadable activities to accompany the lessons (worksheets, flashcards, games, books, and more). This step-by-step program takes parents and children by the hand, making French learning as fun and as easy as possible.

There is no need for any prior French knowledge for part 1, but we highly recommend starting with part 1 as part 2 and part 3 build upon the previously learned content. 

This is an immersive French program as it goes far beyond French learning, teaching math, science, health, the arts, and outdoor educations- all in French! Yet anyone, at any level is able to partake due to the ample support provided to parents who are learning French alongside their child.

Program Details & Registration Forms:

Part 1: “Fall” 
11 full weekly plans 
Includes: 33 recorded French video lessons, and over 70 downloadable activities
Cost: $115 (only $10.45 per week!)
Cost: $145 if you choose to add 6 weekly live virtual classes for only $30
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Part 2: “Winter”
10 full weekly plans 
Includes: 30 recorded French video lessons, and over 70 downloadable activities
Cost: $105 (only $10.50 per week!)
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Part 3: “Spring”
9 full weekly plans
Includes: 27 recorded French video lessons and over 70 downloadable activities.
Cost: $100 (only 11.11 per week!)
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Parts 1 – 3: Fall, Winter & Spring Complete Bundle
30 full weekly plans 
Includes: 90 recorded French video lessons and over 210 downloadable activities. 
Cost: $300 (Includes discount of $20, at only $10/week!)
Sign up for parts 1 – 3 before September 1st and you may choose one of our 6 week live sessions for FREE!

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