Parent & Tot/Pre-K French
(2-4 years)

What if I told you French learning could be your child’s new favourite hobby? 

…No I’m not kidding!

My name is Madame Amy and I teach French to parents and children through fun activities, songs, and games. My goal? To make everyone forget they’ve come to learn, and have them leave feeling excited for the next lesson already. 

French is a language. It is not simply a school subject. It’s a means of communication and so my participants and I use it to communicate with one another while we play, laugh, and sing. 

Psst! Whether you’re a beginner, or fully bilingual, all are welcome here at 123 Petits Pas. 

In order to make French as accessible as possible, I’ve created several programming options for your little one! Take a peek at the options below. 

Registration OPEN: Live Virtual Classes!

  • A “Prep for School” program for children entering school in the Fall
  • Fun Preschooler French classes
  • and more!

Want to learn French at any time?

Check out 123 Petits Pas OnDemand! A continuously growing online French learning video library for parents & children to access French mini lessons, songs, games, comedic skits and more anytime, anywhere! Click Here to learn more.

Psst! Live learning opportunities and French parties are also available with the bonus package!

Is your child about to enter school?

Do you have a child entering school in the Fall? Many parents have been opting to use Part 1 of our Kindergarten French program as a great head start to school in order to assist in the transition! Check it out.

Do you prefer to learn (as the parent) first?

Despite my intentions for making this geared towards parents with babies, I’ve received a lot of great feedback saying this crash course has helped parents with toddlers and preschoolers as well! Learn more here.

Need help deciding or have a question? Send Madame Amy an e-mail: [email protected]

Parent participant
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I can't say enough amazing things about this French class. My son will not sit in front of a computer except for French class
Parent participant
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“As a French teacher and Mom, I’ve always hoped to include French in my daughter’s daily life. I often forget, but the 123 Petit Pas On Demand program has really been such a simple and easy way to get our minds on French every day. My 2.5 year old is especially engaged in the songs! I have found that I’m using vocabulary from the songs throughout our day. It’s also been a great tool for our whole family, my daughter can do the lessons and songs with her Dad and Grandparents who don’t speak French, thanks to the captions with English translations. Merci Mme Amy! “