French Classes for Educators

123 Petits Pas has been awarded a grant through the “Bilingual Ottawa” initiative in order to create a certification program for educators. This certification program is geared towards providing ECEs, primary teachers, homeschooling parents, and those in careers involving the education and care of young children( ages 0-9). The goal is to train them in the “123 Petits Pas French teaching method” – teaching French through music, movement, and fun! The program will include access to an online platform where educators can complete their training on their own time. The course will include instructional videos, example French lesson plans/circle times, our French children’s album, and many resources. This program is meant to be an excellent opportunity for educators to freshen up their repertoire, ensure that they are catering to all types of learners, all while having as much fun as possible. At 123 Petits Pas, French is FUN and we’re here to ensure all educators have the support they need to ensure it. 

If you’re interested in being a part of our first group of certified educators, please reach out to us at : Merci!

French Programs and Workshops