Usborne French Book List

Usborne French Book List

Many of you saw our Instagram stories that 123 Petits Pas is now an affiliate with Usborne books and you wanted to know more! We have curated a list of our favourite Usborne French books and listed them in various categories; some by age, and others by interests. 

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Books for babies and toddlers (0-2 yrs old):

These books are great for your littlest ones as they are very interactive, colourful and engaging.      

Avec mon doigt… Coucou! Où te caches-tu? 

Play peek-a-book with monkey, koala, lion and other friendly animals in this adorable book for babies. This book contains sturdy flaps for the animals to hide behind and fingernails and cut-out shapes to explore on every page. 

Qui porte un chapeau? 

This adorable book for babies and toddlers is full of rhyming questions to answer along with beautiful pictures. Your little ones will love looking through this book and discover which animal is wearing a hat, which dog is chasing a ball and much more. 

Joue à cache-cache avec Tigre 

This is an excellent books for a game of hide and seek with its large flaps and cute animals! This is a book that you and your child will enjoy time and time again. It is part of a series with other animals so be sure to check out and find your favourite one. 

Le camion de pompiers 

Join Panda as he drives the fire engine around town putting out fires, rescuing a sheep and more! Infants and toddlers will love playing with this fire engine shaped book with working wheels! 

Où est mon hibou? 

This comes from a series of books or “Où est mon…” but we love this one as it includes a stuffed owl which is fun to accompany the book or our song “Coucou Hibou”. This is a great touch and feel book that discusses different tactile descriptions. 

Books for preschoolers (3-5 yr olds): 

These books are great for building vocabulary, learning about a variety of topics and having fun while reading!        

Mon premier livre de choses à trouver à la maison

This book is full of busy scenes around the house with lots to look for, spot and talk about on every page. This book is great for children to learn new words and expand their vocabulary. 

Poppy et Sam Brouhaha à la ferme. 

Poppy and Sam are feeding the animals at the Apple Tree farm and they are a noisy bunch! You will hear the farm come to life as your child presses the buttons on this entertaining book. Plus hear all the animals at once on the end of the book along with a fun tune. 

C’est comment l’espace? 

What’s it like in space and how do you get there? Curious little ones can find the answers to all of their questions about space in this fascinating life the flap book on outer space. 

Mon imagier du corps

A colourful book sixth animal characters and busy scenes. There are now words to learn on every page with body parts and actions to senses and emotions. Lots of fingernails and cut out shapes to explore on every page. 


This sticker book helps children talk about their lives through topics such as friends, family, food and feelings. Lots of fun and simple activities and over 100 stickers to complete the pages

Mon premier livre de choses à trouver

With lots to see and spot on every page you can learn new words and develop pre-reading skills. This book is filled with beautiful illustrations and a variety of topics from the beach, robots, cars and animals. 

C’est quoi le caca? 

What is poo? Does everyone do it? Your child can lift the flaps to find the answers in this charming book that even has a little quiz at the end. A very informative book! 

Ma journée 

This book contains lots of flaps to lift for children to learn about routine and everyday events like getting dressed, eating lunch, and going to bed. There are counting and matching activities included too. 

Books for winter time: 

These books are all winter themed as as we quickly approach the cold months ahead. Grab one of these books and have fun learning about adventures in the snow. 

Ou est mon lutin? (0-2yr olds)

A touch and feel book with simple and repetitive text all about elves! 

Joue a cache-cache avec Renne (0-2yr olds)

There’s an animal hiding behind each flap in their bright winter themed book. Little kids will love joining reindeer on the game of hide and seek, with lots to look at and discover along the way. 

Poppy et Sam La tempête de neige (3+)

It’s snowing on the Apple Tree Farm and one of the sheep is missing! Find out what happens in this cute little story, specially written for new readers. 

C’est quoi la neige? (3+)

What is snow made of? Where does snow go? Lift over 30 flaps to find the answers to these questions and many more in this introduction to snow! This is part of series of books of “C’est quoi (What is?)” Series. Great for 3+.

Books for nature: 

These books are great for inspiration to get outdoors and explore. There is a nature book for  everyone!         

Les petites bêtes (0-2 yrs old) 

Follow a ladybug as she explores the outdoors and discover other bugs along the way. 

Le bois (0-2yr olds)

Infants and toddlers will love this book as they follow the squirrel through the woods. Lift the flaps to discover a number of different forest animals. 

Mon grand imagier La Nature (2+) 

There are over 200 words for children to discover and talk about in the books. Each word is accompanied by an illustration and the words are grouped into themes like woodland animals, plants and birds. 

Mon livre pop-up La Nature (3+)

Take a closer look at nature in this beautiful pop-up book, which brings a nature walk to life. A wonderful way to celebrate nature and inspire you to go outdoors and discover nature too. 

Coucou L’arbre (3+)

Look under the leaves and behind the branches to discover bugs, squirrels and more in this book about trees and all sorts of fun facts about the life of a tree. 

Mon premier livre pour observer la nature (3-7 yr olds)

This is an incredible book to accompany your outdoor learning. It covers a variety of outdoor environments (ex: the beach, the pond, forest, etc.) as well as types of weather (ex: a rainy day, a windy day etc.). You first are provided with relevant French vocabulary for that category, and then ideas on how to learn and explore the outdoors in that environment. I highly recommend this one! 

Poppy et Sam La Nature (3-5 yr olds) 

Each page is filled with things to spot out in nature! The list includes bugs, birds, trees and flowers. This is a very detailed book which is the perfect way for children to start learning about all the nature around them. 

Activités pour les petits La Nature (4+)

This activity book is packed with nature-themed puzzles, colouring, drawing and things to spot. Matching activities and spot the difference activities too. This book has a little something for all ages. Recommended for children 4 years and older. 

Le temps et les saisons (4+) 

This book will help children recognize and talk about the seasons and weather. Lots to spot and flaps to lift, plus ideas on what to wear in the different weather. 

Books on colours and numbers:
These two are my two favourites for learning about colours and numbers. These are big beautiful books that will be sure to engage little ones while they practice their French vocabulary. 

Le grand livre des couleurs

Discover an amazing world of over 13- colours including the primary and secondary colours and descriptive colour words. This books also includes a colour wheel and a see-through acetate page to flip and see what happens when you mix colours. A great first book to talk about colours but can be used with older children to discuss colour mixing and inspiration for writing and painting. 

Le grand livre de nombres 

Fun facts with numbers on a variety of topics is sure to pique everyone’s interest. A great books for exposing numbers to your young children and showing them beautiful images to give the numbers meaning.

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