How can I support my child in French if I don't speak it myself?

French Support Course for Parents with tons of downloadable content to accompany the lessons and an online support group.

Let’s get to it! I need the support ASAP!

Do these thoughts sound familiar?

I'm worried that I won't be able to help my child if they start to struggle in school.
I'm uncomfortable communicating with the school, the staff, and the other parents.
I don't know how to support my child with reading in French or to help with his homework.

Never fear, the French Support Course for Parents is here ⬇️

French Support Membership for Parents

What's included in the French Support Membership for parents?

continuously growing database of supportive resources for parents:

  • French guides for each subject 
  • Pronunciation support 
  • Common French vocabulary
  • Cheat sheets for use around the home 
  • French board game support sheets 
  • French phrases to practice with your child 
  • Reading in French 
  • Parent/Teacher interview survey
  • French email templates & Phone call templates
  • Keywords / phrases for school communication  
  • Cheat sheet for volunteering in the classroom
  • TV & Movie recommendations
  • App / online resource recommendations 
  • Music & Playlist compilation
  • Where to find additional French support 
  • French pronunciation
  • Masc. vs. feminine? 
  • French conjugation hacks
  • Basic sentence structure
  • Helpful French tools for parents 
  • Madame Amy’s method : “Science of reading”-based activities 
  • Sound flash cards with pronunciation & example words 
  • Sample video lessons 
  • Supporting your child beyond your skill-level 
  • If you’re dealing with language refusal / lack of motivation 
  • YOUR lack of confidence in French (as the parent)
  • French Homework Translation & Support
  • French School Communication Support 
  • Emotional support from like-minded parents

Includes 50+ French Support Resources (and counting!)

French Support Membership

$ 7
$65 Initial Sign Up Fee
  • 7 Modules with Recorded Workshops & Mini Lessons for Parents
  • 35+ Downloadable Support Documents
  • Unlimited Access to Our Exclusive Parent Support Facebook Group
  • Ongoing Support with Homework/School Communication Translations
  • New Content Added Seasonally Catered to your Needs
Aug Special
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The content/education and confidence you are providing my family is invaluable!!!

Supportive Group Members:

Help! I don't know what this is asking of us. A Parent receives support from a French educator while helping her child complete her homework.

Don’t understand a letter sent home /
unable to read homework?

Encounter a difficult situation /
need some emotional support?

Our community is there to lift you up! We’re all in the same boat- you’ll be 100% understood and supported as a member of this community. 

 💬 Post in our Private Facebook Group and our French educators / other members of the community will be there to help you!

Mother (Madame Amy) and her two young children are reading a book together


My name is “Madame Amy” and I am the founder of 123 Petits Pas Inc., a certified French educator, and mother of 2 bilingual boys.

During my time as a classroom teacher I recognized the lack of resources for parents wishing to play a part in their child’s French learning, and so 123 Petits Pas became my passion project

Throughout the past 5 years I have taught French to parents and children together. During this time, I have met SO many English parents who have shared the same #1 fear:

What if I am unable to support my child through French school?

I am hoping to erase these fears with the creation of this new supportive membership for parents. 

I look forward to welcoming you into the community!

What our parent participants are saying:

Jess S.
Parent Support Course Participant
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This should be offered to all parents when they enrol, this is a big void to be filled!​
Iris C.
Parent Support Course Participant
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Mme Amy and her programs are phenomenal. Excited to continue supporting my child with French language learning, with Mme Amy’s support!​
Melissa A.
Parent Support Course Participant
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Thank YOU! The support you've provided myself and my daughter is invaluable.​
Cesar D.
Parent Support Course Participant
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Thank you so much for your programs, my daughter was part of them when she was in maternelle and she was able to start in person school JK with no problem as she was comfortable with what she learned in your classes before.
Diana L.
Parent Support Course Participant
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We are such big fans of Mme Amy in our house and loved seeing how this account of yours has grown. You can see how much passion and care is put into all your programs! Looking forward to taking part in future programming!

The "French Support Course for Parents" was made possible thanks to the Bilingual Ottawa grant by ACFO and funded by the Government of Canada.

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