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Notre Histoire - Our Story

123 Petits Pas was founded in January 2018 by a local French teacher, Mme Amy, who saw the need for support for parents hoping to raise bilingual children. Her desire to raise her own son bilingually sparked the idea of teaching parents and young children at the same time in order to ensure that all children could have the opportunity to experience French as soon as possible! The demand for 123 Petits Pas Parent & Child French programming continues to grow, as does the 123 Petits Pas team. 

From In-Person to Online:

Although 123 Petits Pas began as an in-person program in Ottawa, Ontario, as word spread, parents from all over Canada began emailing asking us for support in raising bilingual children. In order to help as many families as possible, 123 Petits Pas began holding online classes. We now offer both pre-recorded and live virtual French programming for parents and 0-9 year olds.

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Who is "Madame Amy" ?

Madame Amy is the founder of 123 Petits Pas and lead French educator of our programming

My name is Amy, or “Madame Amy” as my participants call me. I am a mother of two and a certified French teacher who left the classroom to begin “123 Petits Pas” where I now teach online French classes for Kids and parents together. 

With a background in theatre, I include music, movement, and fun activities into every lesson! My goal? Make French learning FUN for all (parents included!). 

Whether you’re a beginner, hoping to learn French alongside your child, or completely fluent, and just looking for a fun way to bond with your child in French, 123 Petits Pas is a supportive community for ALL.

Fun fact: I’m raising my sons to speak French as their first language despite it being my second AND I’m the only one in our family who speaks French. You can learn more about that journey another time, but just know that I sprinkle all my tips & tricks regarding raising bilingual children throughout my French programming. 

I cannot WAIT to have you and your little one(s) join me. 

À la prochaine!

– Madame Amy Xx


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