French Springtime Activities

For those who celebrate, Easter is just around the corner, so let’s “hop to it” and have fun with some crafts, activities, and games to celebrate the spring season all weekend long!

Here are some fun activity ideas, followed by some helpful French vocabulary:

Easter Egg Sun Catchers- This is a fun and easy craft for all ages! All you need is wax paper, paint, sponges and scissors. Pour a variety of paint colours (la peinture) on the wax paper and use the sponge to mix colours and make patterns. Once dry, cut out into egg shapes (les oeufs) and hang in your window and you have beautiful sun catchers.

Easter Egg Letter Hunt- Place letters inside plastic eggs (either letter magnets or write them out on paper) and hide them around the house. You can even take this game outdoors! Have your child hunt for the eggs (les oeufs) and match the letters to an alphabet sheet. Great opportunity to practice “les lettres”!

Easter Egg Exercise- Have various actions placed inside your plastic eggs. Pick an egg and do that exercise! Fun examples can be: “Saute 5 fois comme un lapin” (5 bunny hops), “Tourne 3 fois” (Spin 3 times), or “Saute aussi haut que tu peux” (Jump as high as you can).

Mix and Match Egg Patterns- Using your plastic eggs get your little ones to match the patterns to some simple drawings of colourful eggs. This is fun for pattern practice “les suites logiques” and of course, “les couleurs”. Sing Madame Amy’s tune “vert et jaune” for some fun colour practice!

Bunny Bowling- Set up bunny bowling pins by using plastic cups or toilet paper rolls, and adding construction paper bunny ears. Use a big “egg” (a big ball) to try and knock the bunnies over. When they fall, practice saying “Tombé!”, pronounced: “tohm-bay”, which means fallen!

Pin the tail on the bunny / Jeu de la queue du lapin- Print out any bunny template online and cut out some fluffy bunny tails from construction paper OR try this fun version below pompoms, magnet stickers, a dry eraser, and your fridge! A fun spring twist to a common children’s game. A bunny = un lapin, pron: “uh lah-paih”,  the tail = la queue, pron: “lah kuh”. 

Egg colouring Bingo game- Call out colours instead of numbers and letters to have children win by completing a colourful picture with this unique twist on a classic game.

Minute to win it egg sort- Have your child(ren) try and pick up plastic eggs using a spoon, held by their mouth (or just their hands if they’re younger), as fast as they can from one bowl to another. The player that gets the most eggs to the second bowl in one minute wins! We can practice counting together afterwards (En français of course! Un…deux….trois…)

Easter Egg Paint and Roll- Using a small container, paper, paint and a plastic egg (or two!) you can create some really fun process art! Add paper to the bottom of a container, add your paint, and your egg(s). Close the container and shake away! In French, we say “secoue”, pron: “suh-koo”, for shake! The egg(s) will roll through the paint, creating some beautiful artwork underneath. After letting it all dry, you can cut into egg shapes, a bunny, or leave it as is!

Here’s some helpful French vocabulary to use throughout your activity-filled weekend! For a cute picture dictionary version, check out our free French cheat sheets shared on our instagram account.

Joyeuses Pâques = Happy Easter, pron: “jhoy-yuhz pack”

les oeufs = eggs, pron: “lay-zuh”

un lapin = a bunny, pron: “uh lah-paih”

un panier = basket, pron: “uh pah-nyay”

une chasse aux oeufs = an egg hunt, pron: “ewn shass oh-zuh”

le mois d’avril = the month of April, pron: “luh mwah dah-vreel”

une fête = a celebration/party, pron: “ewn feht”

du chocolat = some chocolate, pron: “dew sho-koh-lah”

des bonbons = some candies, pron: “day bohw-bohw”

We hope that you enjoyed these fun and simple activities to help you celebrate springtime en français! 

Madame Casey & Madame Amy 

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