Parent & Infant/Tot French (0 - 2yrs)

Believe it or not, introducing French to your little one CAN be quick, easy, & fun. 

As a Mother of bilingual little ones myself, I know just how daunting the task of introducing a second language can be. However, I made it my goal to change that. 

My name is Madame Amy and I teach French to my participants through the most fun means possible! I aim to empower parents by giving them to the tools & tips they need to introduce French at home with confidence. 

Whether you’re bilingual or new to French, all are welcome here at 123 Petits Pas!

Take a scroll through the programs below to see the offerings we have for parents of 0-2 year olds.

My Recommendation for you this Summer:

The EASIEST way to start introducing French to your 0-2yr old today! Check it out.

Whether you’re new to French, or are bilingual and looking for support in introducing the language to your child, this super quick & budget-friendly course is for you!

Join a live virtual French class:

These classes focus on teaching parents basic French words & phrases through: action songs, rhymes, and games. Now any family has the opportunity to introduce French from home! 

Live Virtual Class Registration for FALL 2022 coming soon!

Try our parent and child recorded course:

Learn French with your little one (0-4) on your own time! This course was made to teach parents & young children basic French vocabulary, tunes, and fun activities. Click the image to watch a video and learn more about our online course. 

Currently at 30% discount: TAKE30

For toddlers: Learn On Demand!

What is 123 OnDemand? An online French learning database for parents & children to access French mini lessons, songs, games, comedic skits and more! Click here to watch a video explanation. 

Psst! Live optional learning opportunities are available with the bonus package!

Have any questions or need help deciding?

Send Madame Amy an email here: [email protected] with the age of your little one and your hopes for introducing French and she’ll get back to you ASAP!

parent Participant
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“Bonjour, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for putting out the french baby course. I've been using it daily with my 6 month old. Now using french with him has become second nature. I didn't think that would be possible. I'm not fluent in French but I don't need to be because you have given me the tools I need to communicate with my son. Your cheat sheets have been put up all around my house”