French Learning Related Podcasts

French Learning-Related Podcasts for Parents 

In this post we highlight podcasts that discuss parenting, education, French culture, raising bilingual children, as well as podcasts for French meditation for children and interviews with inspiring people.

Throw on a podcast whether you are at home or in the car.

Tune in and have a listen! 

1)      123 Petits Pas Podcast: Mme Amy talks about introducing French at home whether you speak it yourself to begin. 

Our first episode talks about language learning anxiety, and how difficult it can be for learners to accept that they’ll need to make mistakes in order to become bilingual!

Listen to our first episode here!

2)      Le Nid: Lea meets with children’s experts, ordinary parents, and inspiring people to discuss parenting topics and parenting advice. 




3)      Une histoire de ninjas et de samourais: A mom of two primary school kids who provides ideas on how to encourage French language learning in children and other topics on parenting and French education. 


4)      Mango Editions, Famille Complice: a clinical psychologist and an expert in positive parenting provides you with advice and exciting exchanges that happen in our daily life. Anne-Claire discusses screen time, siblings, emotions and more! 


5)      French Voices: The aim of French Voices podcast is to help you improve your French listening skills through interesting and ever changing content. Although it was originally designed to help French learners, these podcasts are a great way to meet some fascinating native French people that are interviewed about their work, passion or lifestyle. 


6)      Duolingo French Podcast: Episodes on fascinating stories all in easy to understand French. Offering a large variety of topics, there is truly something for everyone to listen to. 

French Podcast Episodes – Duolingo

7)      Your Parenting Mojo: The podcast on the science of raising bilingual kids. This is a research-based podcast, and the one listed below is specific to the science of raising bilingual kids. However, Your Parenting Mojo has a wide variety of episodes discussing things related to children, education and parenting if you wish to explore further. 


8)      Bododo on Radio Canada: These podcasts are children’s French stories accompanied by music to help your child relax and get ready for bed. Each podcast is around 15 minutes, and is said to help your child fall asleep peacefully! 

Bododo | Radio-Canada Première (radio-canada.ca)

9)      France Culture- Etre et Savoir: A weekly magazine that is dedicated to answering questions related to education and the transmission of knowledge. They offer a variety of podcast topics, ranging from: Preserving physical activity in kids despite Covid, Art and Culture for better growth, and Drink or not to drink.


We hope we were able to provide you with some new and interesting podcast content on bilingualism, French learning, parenting and more. This blog post will be a “living resource” so as we continue to search and discover French podcasts, we will be sure to add them here. And if you have any suggestions, please feel free to send them our way!  

**This list was made in collaboration with parents from our “Bilingual Babies Ottawa” Facebook Group.