French Apps for Children

What are the Best French Apps for Children?

French Apps can be the perfect supplement for children learning French. 

That said, it can be difficult to sort through which apps are worth your time & effort. 

We’ve put together a list of our top favourite French apps for children in order to help families get some fun French learning at home! Here are our top French app recommendations for learning and practicing French. All are fun, engaging, and kid friendly! Click on the image to be taken to an information page with all the details (to see what device they’re available on) and to download.

This is a “living resource” which means we will continue to update it as we come across more great French apps for kids! Have a suggestion for an app? Send your recommendations via email: [email protected]

Montessori French App for Children

Montessori French App for Children

Montessori Preschool by Edoki Academy is by far mine and my son's (3.5yrs) favourite application. This is a montessori-inspired learning app geared towards children ages 3-7. Change the language settings to French to complete all the activities en français. This app covers phonics, reading, writing, numbers, colours, shapes, nursery rhymes and even coding! It also includes a variety of daily life activities including: cooking, farming, personal hygiene routines, cleaning, smoothie making...you name it, this app most likely has it! The image above will link you to their site where you can start their 7 day trial and receive a 50% discount off their annual registration! Originally this link was not an affiliate link, but the owner reached out after seeing my recommendation and wanted to offer our 123 Petits Pas community a big discount! Woot!! Honestly though, this app continues to blow my mind and I highly recommend it.

Duolingo Kids : French app for kids

Duolingo Kids: French Learning App

This app is great if you want the language learning to be fun and in a game-like setting. You can learn vocabulary, conjugation, reading, writing, pronunciation, and listening skills on the app in a way that is competitive and fun. This app is fun and easy to use, and gets you the basics fast. We also recommend the adult version for parents!

An image of a mac computer screen with 8 video previews of a French teacher teaching fun lessons for children. The title "French on Demand" is above it, with a subtitle that says "70+ French video library". There's a button to the button right that says "learn more".

French On Demand: French Learning Library

So although this is not technically an "app", it is a secure login platform with over 70 educational French videos that get children singing, moving, and playing games. There are also English & French subtitles on each video so that even parents with minimal French knowledge can still support their child's learning. This program can be used on any device with access to an internet browser. The video library also continuously grows and you can send in recommendations for topics / tunes. Click the image to check it out.

Passe-Partout French App for Children

Passe-Partout : French Learning App for Kids

A large variety of interactive activities, songs, and games that all children will enjoy! Every detail of the app is an invitation to play that’s full of surprises and will bring you joy. A simple, authentic, colourful, and entertaining world to learn French and have fun! My son's favourite activities are facetiming with Passe-Montagne (he finds him hilarious) and the sorting games with ZigZag.

Boukili French Reading App for kids

Boukili: French Reading App for Kids

This app provides an immersive and interactive reading experience for children. It aims to stimulate children to read and help them attain different levels of reading proficiency by exploring more than 120 books. Also included are mini games and quizzes. Boukili is designed to spark the love of reading in children from a very young age. Happy reading!

L'appli des petits : French app for kids

Içi radio: L'appli des petits: French Preschool App

Aimed at 3-5 year olds (but could be helpful for older children if they are learning French as a second language), this app provides many different fun video games and tv shows. Everything is in French and 100% FREE!

Bayam: Vidéos French app for kids

Bayam: vidéos - jeux - audio: French language App for Kids

For children either 3-6yrs or 7-10yrs (you select the age range). They do have some free content and a free trial, but if you want to access all content, there is a monthly fee. That said, in looking at all that this app has to offer, it's incredible! There are games, tv shows, mini documentaries, videos of interactive activities, digital books with audio recordings, music, all content is in French!

Peekabook French app for kids

Peekaboo Farm: French Learning App for Preschoolers

A cute little game for toddlers and preschoolers to help learn the name of farm animals. You can change the language of this app to French! Inside a little bouncing barn, friendly farm animals are waiting to pop out and surprise your little one. Try and guess who they are; tap the doors to find out!

Le bonheur de lire French app for kids

Le bonheur de lire: French Reading App for Kids

Le bonheur de lire offers a fun and compelling gameplay. Children explore a charming village where cute animals invite them to learn how to read French words. A visit to the store allows children to select the next word to play with. Exercises are chosen by artificial intelligence and adapted to the child’s specific needs. If the child wishes to learn specific words, they can be added in and recorded!

Fun French by Studycat : French App for children

Fun French by Studycat: French Learning App for Young Children

Learn hundreds of words and phrases with various lessons and 12 themed courses. It is a structured language course with entertaining and engaging games. The app practices skills like listening comprehension, spelling and speaking.This app has a 30 day free trial and can be purchased with a monthly fee.

French for Kids: French App for Children

French for Kids with Stories by Gus on the Go: French Learning App for Children

Dive into your child’s favourite stories by taking you from single vocabulary words to basic grammar and short sentences. This app is the sequel to Gus on the Go! Gus the owl travels through familiar and timeless stories that incorporate auditory pronunciation and written French language. Once your child has completed the lesson and story, they can play mini games that make learning fun and exciting!


Applications like these are a great support for your child’s French learning, and, just like our live French classes, can be made even more fun with a parent actively participating as well! 

123 Petits Pas Inc.

123 Petits Pas Inc.

This blog post was a collaboration between Madame Amy & Madame Casey, with the help of members of our Facebook group: Bilingual Babies Ottawa.