Top French Songs for Preschoolers

What are the top French songs for Preschoolers?

Educational French songs for are my favourite tool for supporting children with French learning. 

Why? Music makes language learning quick & easy

Think about it. I bet you can remember your childhood songs really well; I bet you can even remember some ad jingles too (Psst! That’s why they do that, because they know adding a jingle to their business name will make you remember it forever.)

It’s a proven fact that music is one of the keys to easy language learning, and that’s why we sings French songs often with participants of our French programming for families, children, and classrooms!

In this blog post, I’m going to share some of my favourite French tunes for preschoolers:

Fun French Songs for Preschoolers:

1. Bonjour les amis (This is our most popular French preschooler tune by far!)
Preschoolers learn to say “Hello, how are you?” and the responses in French. The song is sung to the popular tune of “if you’re happy and you know it”. 

Preschoolers sitting at a carpet waving while they sing a French bonjour song. There are words in the middle of the image that say "Bonjour les amis" and a logo bottom left that says "123 Petits Pas" with a stick man wearing a French beret.

Where to find this French “Bonjour” song: 

2. Zoom Zoom (this is our French translation of the popular preschooler song)
Preschoolers love saying “décollage” at the end (= blast off!) while they jump as high as they can. 

>> BONUS: Children learn to count backwards in French.

Preschool children sitting on a carpet singing a French song while raising their hands into the air. There's a logo that says 123 Petits Pas to the left and the words "Zoom zoom" in the centre of the image.

Where to find this French song about going to the moon: 

3. Vert et Jaune which is 123 Petits Pas’s most loved original tune! Your preschooler can learn colours, vert (green), jaune (yellow) et rouge (red) along with various speeds… fast, slow and stop! This song will have child(ren) up and running around  until “rouge arrête” where they then have to stop and freeze. This video is our holiday themed version of “Vert et Jaune”! 

Preschoolers are playing with a parachute with small plastic balls, singing French preschool songs and smiling. The words "Vert et jaune" are written in the centre of the image with a logo to the left that says "123 Petits Pas" and a stick man with a French beret.

Where to find this French song about colours / speeds: 

4. Un éléphant is a classic French preschooler tune that teaches children about numbers in a fun way. When there are too many elephants playing the game, they all fall down with a great big BADABOOM! 

A mother and young daughter are holding toy elephants and singing a French tune together. The words "un éléphant" are in the middle of the image with a logo to the left that says "123 Petits Pas" and a stick man wearing a French beret.

Where to find this elephant counting French preschooler song: 

5. Lave les mains is a fun French movement song for preschoolers that teaches the importance of washing our hands. When we can’t find a towel, we just shake our hands dry! The song continues by adding other body parts that need to be washed too- les pieds (feet), les cheveux (hair), les bras (arms), etc.  

Two preschoolers are washing their hands at a sink while singing a French preschooler song. The words "Lave les mains" are in the middle of the image with a logo bottom left that says "123 Petits Pas" and has a stick man wearing a French beret hat.

Where to find this hand-washing French song: 

  • Madame Amy shows you how to sing it here with fun actions on our YouTube channel.
  • Here’s the original tune by “Hey Kids”.

6. Je fais mes exercices is a French preschooler song by 123 Petits Pas that gets everyone up and moving, while also practicing body part vocabulary. 

Preschoolers are exercising while dancing to a French song about movement and body parts. There are words in the centre of the photo that say "Je fais mes exercices" and a logo bottom left that says "123 Petits Pas" with a stick man wearing a French beret.

Where to find this French movement song: 

French Music with 123 Petits Pas: 

French tunes for preschoolers is our area of expertise! There are MANY more French tunes available on our Youtube, and even more found within our “French On Demand” learning platform for children. With over 70 mini French lessons, music videos, movement games, and more, preschoolers have access to French learning 24/7. Be sure to check it out by clicking on the image below!

Classic French Tunes:

Did you think the list of French songs for preschoolers ended there? Not quite! Now we’d like to share a couple favourite French “classics”.

1. Meunier tu dors you can follow along with the actions and the lyrics are included too! In Mme Amy’s version you can spin a scarf around to act as a the windmill or spin around on the spot! 

Young children are playing with windmills. The words "Meunier tu dors" is written across the middle with a logo that says "123 Petits Pas" bottom left.

Where to find this French children’s song about windmills: 

2. Frère Jacques (Are you sleeping?) is one of the most popular French songs for children you can find. It has repeating verses and you can include some bells or shakers to help wake up brother John. Most little ones are already familiar with the melody too!  This version by Appuseries includes lyrics. 

Two young children are playing with instruments. Words across the centre read "Frère Jacques".

Where to find this classic French children’s tune: 

  • There are MANY different versions of Frère Jacques online, but here’s one with lyrics.
We hope you enjoyed this list of some of our favourite French songs for preschool-aged children.

Now we’d like to hear from you! Which is your preschooler’s favourite French song? Let us know! Send us a message at [email protected]. Merci! 
P.S. Looking for MORE French music for everyone in the house? This blog post has playlists for children and one for adults! 
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