French Toy Gift Guide 2022 (Ages 0-4yrs)

While there are so many different toys and game options for just about every age and stage of your kids, we tried to narrow down the list to some fun and educational toys that are all in French! French speaking toys and games are an excellent way to introduce another language to babies and toddlers and a great way to continue French learning in young children. Another advantage of having French speaking toys is that you’ll hear French every day in the house. It’s an excellent way for everyone to learn!

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Scroll through and see if you can find something perfect for the little one in your life! Some titles direct you to our affiliate links for ease of purchase. 

French Leapfrog Laptop​

Children can learn about letters, numbers, music and more on a laptop made just for them! There are games to play to make learning fun, and they can even check their "email"!​

Fisher-Price Petites Personnes Grandes Helpers Accueil​

This Little People house and characters are a great way to practice common household phrases in both French and English through sounds and songs. Your little person will love discovering all the interactive, hands-on play with this toy house.​

Leapfrog Learning Friends Word Book​

The animal pals are excited to introduce new vocabulary to babies and toddlers. Touch the words and pictures on each page to explore words, sounds, music, and fun facts! This book is bilingual, so flip the switch and they can hear the words in English, too.​

Leapfrog Tad's frigo phonics​

Magnets are always fun! This set includes all 26 letters of the ABC`s, plus 3 photo frames for maman (mom), papa (dad) and moi (me)! Choose a magnetic letter tile and press it inside the apple to hear the letter's name and sound. Tad also introduces new vocabulary words that begin with that letter. A fun toy to introduce letters, phonics and vocabulary!​

Leapfrog Count along Cash Register​

Pretend play fun and a chance to practice counting skills with this singing and talking cash register. Explore colours and counting, while running your very own store! With this cash register you are "ouvert pour les affaires".​

La Liste des Courses​

A simple and fun memory game, players race to be the first to fill their grocery cart or basket by matching all the items on their list. A game to develop memory and matching skills, as well as personal and social skills too!​

Qui cherche quoi où ?​

A cute game that encourages parents to play along with their child. A game to build language development and answer questions, like who, what, where and why!​

Une patate à vélo le jeu​

Based off of the popular book Une patate a Vélo, this game encourages group participation in deciding whether or not a series of silly combinations could happen or not. If everyone agrees, you advance on the board!​

La tour des consignes​

A game to get you up and moving! Throw the dice to see which action you need to perform, all while building a tower! This game is perfect for children learning new action words and how to follow guidelines.​

Cherche et trouve les émotions​

A "search and find game" by Placote about emotions! This game is so great for helping young children to identify emotions and to encourages them to try and think about why a person might be feeling the way they're feeling.

Felt Board / Tableaux de feutrine

Although there are no words, a felt table can be a fun & hands-on way of practicing your French vocabulary. This felt board set is great for practicing your colours, shapes, animals, and anything they can create! Follow "123 Petits Pas" on Instagram for some cute FREE French cheat sheets to use alongside this gift.

A French Experiential Gift

If you're more into experiential gifts vs. physical gifts, this one is for you! 123 Petits Pas offers fun French learning online for parents and children ages 0-9 years. The goal is to turn French learning into your family's hobby instead of a school subject. Sign up for one of our winter "pay what you can" live French classes and you'll be sure to have many fun bonding moments in your future!

The list of toys and games mentioned above are all great suggestions for the little ones in your life. They can be great tools to encourage learning and practicing French at home. But keep in mind, you (as the parent) will always be the best resource of language development for your child, so spend time singing, playing, and having fun together- especially over the holidays!

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123 Petits Pas

This blog post was a collaboration project between Madame Casey & Madame Amy, with the help of "Bilingual Babies Ottawa" Facebook group members.