French Toy Gift Guide 2022 (Ages 5-9yrs)

Finding French toys for kids ages 5-9 is no easy task; not to worry, we’re here to help! Below is a list of toys, games, and ideas to continue your French language learning at home in the best way possible- having fun!  See a larger collection of French toys, French board games, and French books for children on our 123 Amazon store .

Psst! Looking for French books for kids? We’ve got you covered with several recommended French book lists.

LeapFrog LeapStart 3D Learning System

Using the LeapStart library, children can play a variety of activities that teach more than 50 plus skills for every learning level. Tap the pages with the stylus for new words, songs, jokes, questions and challenges.

Histoire de Raconter

Let your imagination run wild! Pick a character, place, and object and then tell your story to the other players. A great game to practice French and develop their oral story telling skills.

Shifu Orboot Globe

Orboot is a no-borders globe that connects with an interactive Orboot app. You can explore the world with hundreds of highlights and cool facts learning about cultures, cuisines, inventions, monuments, maps and animals! Set the app to French and you not only have a STEM toy, but also a French language learning toy too!

LeapFrog Rockit Twist Tablet (French)

Nurture three adorable virtual RockIt Pets™ that hatch and grow from eggs. 12 preloaded games across five game play categories have three levels of difficulty that help kids learn skills including literacy, math, problem solving, science and creativity all while having fun! Since there’s no need for Wi-Fi, kids can play anywhere. Listen to your own music with the built-in MP3 player. Volume controls and a headphone jack are also included.

Potions mathématiques

Become a sorcerer and follow the magic potion recipes while counting all of your ingredients like smelly socks, bats, snakes and rotten bananas. A fun way to practice counting and serve up your creation to family and friends!


Which rabbit will pass over the holes and the obstacles to get to the carrot first? A fun game for everyone!

La planète des émotions

Teach the aliens all about emotions so that they can leave their planet and live on Earth. An excellent game to talk about and discuss different emotions in a variety of situations and settings; letting children know that people might feel differently in the same scenario.

Toujours Parfait French Levelled Readers

This series of books is perfect for beginning readers as they gently progress into independent reading. The nine levelled books ranging from levels A to I allow readers to improve their reading skills as the amount of text gradually increases from one level to the next. For ages 4 to 6.

Une patate à vélo

Based off of the popular book Une patate a Vélo, this game encourages group participation in deciding whether or not a series of silly combinations could happen or not. If everyone agrees, you advance on the board!​

L'école des monstres

Help the monsters learn from their silly shenanigans in order to graduate school and get their diploma! This game helps children learn about consequences (positive and negative) from different behaviours and actions!

Jedi Academy Journal (in French)

This journal worked wonders on several of my grade 3 students who were hesitant to write in French. Children are provided various creative writing opportunities that include: creating their own creature, planning an escape, making up their own ending to comics - if your child is a fan of Star Wars, this is a great way to encourage FUN French writing practice!

Fun French Classes for Parents and Children (ages 5-9)

For those who prefer gifting experiences over physical gifts, this one is for you! 123 Petits Pas live online French classes provide the opportunity for parents & children to learn French together. What do these classes consist of? Scavenger hunts, crafts, funny stories, experiments, music, movement, and laughter. This is not your typical "French class" - at 123 Petits Pas, French is no longer a school subject, it's a hobby!

Chez Grand'mère: French Board Game

A fun board game / obstacle course where the players are trying to make it through a forest to Grandma's house! Be careful of the sleeping bear! Recommended for ages 4 - 8yrs.

Educational French Tablecloth

Bimoo has these incredible educational tablecloths that you can draw on with markers and washoff! We have two (the ABC and the emotions) and we absolutely love it. It's a great way to encourage learning at the dinner table, but it's also a great tool for playtime or circle time in a classroom.

Keep in mind that there are other ways to continue the French learning at home by playing games you already have with a French twist! Ex: Try calling out the numbers in French while playing Bingo, or do the same with the classic game of UNO.  Call out “vert”, “rouge”, “jaune”, or “bleu” while playing Twister or ask your questions in French while playing “Guess Who?”. Changing the games you already know and love to French can create new challenges and lots of fun and laughter. 

We hope this list has helped spark some ideas for French gift giving! Enjoy this holiday season together!

123 Petits Pas

123 Petits Pas

This list was a collaboration project between Madame Amy, Madame Casey, and members of our "Parents & Children Learning French" Facebook group.