Practicing French Winter 2022

Alongside our new French learning OnDemand platform, we have some fun winter activity suggestions that will help you practice your French this winter season!

Nature walk!
Go out and explore a trail or even your own neighbourhood and bring along one of our cheat sheets. Name the various things you see on your walk or turn it in to a scavenger hunt or game. You can even make a game of getting ready to go outside with all the things you need to go out and play!    

Outdoor snow kitchen!
Create your very own snow kitchen by taking some simple  everyday kitchen materials outside and let your children’s imaginations run wild! Some  key French vocabulary may include: 

– la cuisine: kitchen 

– patisserie: baking

– cuillière: spoon

– bol: bowl

– remuer: stir

– mélanger: mix 

Paint the snow!
Practice your colours in French and be outside by painting the snow. Use your everyday (washable) paint, add a bit of water (so it paints the snow easier) and have some fun. You can even add cookie cutters to use as stencils and practice various shapes or animal vocabulary too.    

Coloured ice cubes!
Another way to practice your colours in French is by freezing ice cubes with food colouring and play with them outside. The children can sort the coloured ice cubes, make art or even build with them as they can use the snow to stick the ice cubes together. 

 – les couleurs: colours 

– peinture: paint

– les glaçons: ice cubes 

Save the animals!
Freeze little animals or characters in an ice cube tray and take them outside. Provide the child with warm water and some salt to see if they can “save the animals/characters”. A great science lesson and another way to practice some French  vocabulary.  

Create tracks in the snow!
Use animal figurines, or you can also use trucks and cars. You can play a guessing game (in French!) to determine who made the tracks in the snow. You can also take this opportunity to discuss and compare the tracks with descriptive words like big vs small, deep or shallow, etc.  
– gros: big

– petit: small

– profond: deep

– les animaux: animals

– des pistes: tracks

– les voitures: cars 

– les camions: trucks

Make frozen bubbles!
We know that kids love “les bulles”, but have you ever tried making frozen ones? This works best if the weather is really cold (below -5 *C), but simply blow bubble solution like you normally would and watch them freeze as they slowly float away. 

Target practice!
Want to practice your ABCs or simple French words. Write out letters or words in chalk on either a driveway or wooden fence and have your child throw a snowball at the letters you name out. 

We hope you will enjoy these ideas to get outside and play and of course, practice French! And we hope you will join our OnDemand programming as another way to support your French learning. If you have any questions about our OnDemand platform, please feel free to send any questions our way at [email protected]. Merci!