Learn French Together

123 Petits Pas offers a variety of French programs & workshops for parents and young children (ages 0 – 4 years) throughout the Ottawa region. We aim to provide Ottawa’s little ones with a fun French environment while offering parents the opportunity to take part in their children’s first little steps towards bilingualism. 

Through music, movement, and educational activities, we ensure that both parent and child enjoy themselves while learning useful French vocabulary that can then be used at home on a daily basis. Find out more about our classes. 

123 Petits Pas is a local business that provides fun, educational French programs at various locations within the Ottawa region.

We strive to ensure that parents, no matter what knowledge of French they possess, have an engaging way to introduce French to their little ones BEFORE entering school.

All programs consist of 8 weekly classes (45 minutes in length). Come and see what we’re all about!