Looking for extra French practice for your child?

4 images of parents and children learning French together. The title in the centre says "Parent & Child French Classes"

Join a Parent & Child French Class!

(Ages: 4-9 years)

What if I told you French learning could be your child’s new favourite hobby? 

…No I’m not kidding!

My name is Madame Amy and I teach French to parents and children through fun activities, songs, and games. 

My goal? To make everyone forget they’ve come to learn, and have them leave feeling excited for the next lesson already. 

French is a means of communication, not a “school subject”, and so my participants and I use it to communicate with one another while we play, laugh, and sing. 

Virtual French Programs for Kids

Join a LIVE virtual French class!

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Our LIVE French Class Options:

Looking for an all-inclusive program?

Our “Full Year of French” has everything you need to learn French at home (Ages 3-7yrs)!

What's included?

What's included?

Looking for Support as the Parent?

Feel confident about supporting your child through French school with our new course for parents!

What's included?

Need Reading / Writing Support?

Support your beginner reader in French!
(Even if you don’t know how to read in French yourself!)

What's included?

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