Parent & Child French
(4 - 6 yrs)

What if I told you French learning could be your child’s new favourite hobby? 

…No I’m not kidding!

My name is Madame Amy and I teach French to parents and children through fun activities, songs, and games. My goal? To make everyone forget they’ve come to learn, and have them leave feeling excited for the next lesson already. 

French is a language. It is not simply a school subject. It’s a means of communication and so my participants and I use it to communicate with one another while we play, laugh, and sing. 

Psst! Whether you’re a beginner, or fully bilingual, all are welcome here at 123 Petits Pas. 

In order to make French as accessible as possible, I’ve created several programming options for your child! Take a peek at the options below. 

Registration OPEN: Live Virtual Classes!

  • A “Prep for School” program for children entering school in the Fall
  • A “Keep your French” program for 5-7yrs
  • and more!

Want to learn French at any time?

Check out 123 Petits Pas OnDemand! A continuously growing online French learning video library for parents & children to access French mini lessons, songs, games, comedic skits and more anytime, anywhere! Click Here to learn more.

Psst! Live learning opportunities and French parties are also available with the bonus package!

Want to homeschool in French or improve your school child's French?

A step-by-step French curriculum (complete with video lessons and downloadable activities). Whether you’re homeschooling or looking for extra French support for your 3.5-6 year old, this program has it all! Science, math, outdoor ed, art (all taught in French) – this is the most extensive program we have to date! Click for more details.

Not sure where to start?

I, Madame Amy, or my assistant Sarah will be SO happy to help you choose. Send us an email at : [email protected] with the age(s) of your child(ren), and your hopes for support in French learning and we’ll get back to you ASAP with our recommendations. 

R & C
Parent & Child
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We’re loving all the bonus content and we rewatch the pre recorded lessons! We are so grateful to you and the work you do is incredible! Thank you for everything, looking forwarded to continuing classes this summer. We will be ongoing customers so please keep us informed for fall registration as well.
Parent participant
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“I just wanted to mention that my daughter is loving the program, and I am amazed by how much French language she is acquiring. I'm a FI teacher myself, but used to teaching older grades. Since I didn't start speaking French to her at birth, I felt like I had missed the boat and really just didn't know how to introduce the language to her. This is so easy, and also fun! I also appreciate how developmentally appropriate the activities are. She really enjoys the hands-on activities and movement games. What a great job you've done, thank you.”
Parent Participant
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" My daughter adores Madame Amy and has learned so much this fall. Her little sister also requests “mam Amy” all the time. Big hit in this house. I’m extremely grateful to Madame Amy and this program for getting me back on the path to bilingual littles. Doing it alone I was inconsistent and discouraged. It’s so much easier with their support."