French Playlist

We asked you about your favourite French tunes and your feedback was incredible!

We have been dancing along to these songs ever since! Below is a playlist you helped us create; it has a little bit of everything and for everyone. We have divided the list for now as “Adult” and “Children’s” music, but a lot of the “adult” music can be played with children around.

Turn up the volume, dance along and have some fun with French music! 

Did you know that we now have TWO albums that are available for download? Our latest album includes some of our participants favourite songs like “Meunier tu dors” and “Un éléphant”.

Our albums are meant to be enjoyed by children and their families alike while teaching basic French vocabulary. 


We hope you enjoy this list of French tunes and if you know of any others, please send them our way! And stay tuned, as 123 Petits Pas might just create their own Spotify list!