Introducing French to your Preschooler

We’ve written this guide to help you with introducing  French to your preschooler. In this guide, you will find fun activities, cheat sheets, information about our classes and so much more. We hope this will help you on your French language learning journey! 


Use French during daily routines 

If you are not familiar with French and/or you haven’t exposed your child to French yet, start now but start small. Use a few keys words or phrases and incorporate them into your daily routine. Our French cheat sheets are a great way to do this! You can print and post them around your house as a reminder for key vocabulary and an encouraging way to practice French. 


For instance, this participant uses our clothing cheat sheet to get ready to leave the house in winter. They used the cheat sheet as a way to practice naming winter clothing in French as they were putting them on!


You can use our cheat sheets to introduce keywords, like the one we have on La Politesse (manners) or one about Mes émotions (my emotions). We have many cheat sheets available, and all of them can be found in our French cheat sheets guide on Instagram and a bundle purchase on our website. 

Take a live French class

Join me, Mme Amy, during one of my French classes for parents and preschoolers, or join our other educators if you’re a Bonus OnDemand participant.

In my classes, I teach French through fun activities and music. Mme Mélissa runs a story and craft time, with some conversation practice as well. Mme Vanessa offers classes that have turned into French workout classes- she will have your kids running and moving all around! And of course, we have our newest educator on our team Mme Stephanie who offers French sing-a-longs and puppet shows! 


All of our classes are as interactive and engaging as possible. Whether it’s running and grabbing an object to share with us, or practicing some new French words, we keep them busy and having fun! 


Check out our website for more information on all of our classes and our OnDemand program. 


Use a French learning app

Our favourite recommendation for an app for young children that can help develop many new skills and can be switched to French is the Montessori Preschool app by Edoki Academy. There is a link in our Instagram bio for 50% off of the app and a free week’s trial. 


Some other recommendations for French learning apps can be found in this blog post: 


Child playing the educational montessori preschool in French by Edoki Academy

Make French practice interactive! 

Did you know that we have an Amazon store? Check it out for quick links to fun tools and toys to make French learning fun. For instance, we love these rubbery footprint mats! They are a great way to practice your directions, action words, colours and counting… all while expending lots of energy! You can find these mats under out “Educator Tools for Fun learning” list on Amazon.

What about a classic game of Simon Says in French? We love playing “Mme dit” to practice body parts, action words, counting and more! 

Play French board games

One of our all time favourite French board games to play is “Une palate à vélo”. This game, based on the book by Élise Gravel, is super funny and helps build vocabulary. 


We also offer a downloadable French board game. Our French Movement Board Game focuses on everything movement and play to practice French action words and animal names. The game comes with instructions, a pronunciation guide, and everything you need to download and play today. 

Use our cheat sheet “Jeux de famille” for some extra game night vocabulary! 

Practice your French with play-dough 

Practice colours, shapes, counting or letters! Play-dough is an awesome way to engage children in their language learning. Plus, we offer a great French play-dough mat package available for download! 


Sing fun French tunes! 

We love to sing at 123 Petits Pas! Introducing French to your Preschooler can be a breeze when you incorporate some tunes!

Our programs are all about music and movement… and of course, fun! 

Introducing French to your Preschooler
Make French learning FUN!

Activities like the one below really help to engage young children in their French practice. Check out our Instagram page @123petitspas for lots of fun activities and ways to play in French! 

We hope this guide is a great way to get you started on learning French and practicing it while you play! 


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