Introducing French to your Toddlers

Introducing French to your Toddler

Introducing French to your toddler should be easy and fun! That’s why we’ve created this guide of tips, tricks, cheat sheets, activities and more to help you get your toddler started on their French language learning journey. 

Start with some vocabulary

We have created many cheat sheets with common words and phrases to help with introducing French to your Toddler. For instance, “C’est qui ca?” (Who is that?) and “On va jouer” (We will play) that you could use in your everyday routines.
Post our cheat sheets around your house as a visual reminder for you (and them!)


Sing French tunes!

One of our all-time favourite French songs to sing is Zoom, Zoom, Zoom. Listening and singing (and dancing!) to French music is a great and easy way to incorporate new vocabulary in a fun and interactive way. You can find these videos on our OnDemand platform and some extra content on our YouTube channel. 

We also have a blog post that lists out some great French tunes, for both parents and children. Be sure to check it out and have music playing whenever you need some French songs. 

French Educational Videos
123 Petits Pas offers an OnDemand learning database full of educational videos geared towards young children. If you want a super easy way to introduce French to your little ones, our OnDemand program has everything you need, with just the click of a button! Find out more about our OnDemand program by checking out our website 

This program offers everything from action songs, to movement games, to hilarious skits! It’s a platform that continues to grow each season. Our bonus participants also get access to live virtual learning opportunities and our special virtual events. 

French Sensory Play 
When introducing French to your Toddler, Practice a few key words the next time you partake in a sensory activity. We have lots of Instagram posts sharing activity ideas and key vocabulary to accompany the activity. For example, we have shared ideas of a Canadian winter sensory bin as well as our Valentine sensory bin with frozen Jell-o

Use French during snack time!
Eating is a great time to practice your French. On our Instagram page, we share many recipes and snack ideas, along with vocabulary (and pronunciation!) to make snack time, French learning time. 

Take French learning outside 
Learn some key vocabulary and practice it on a nature walk. Use one (or more) of our cheat sheets and turn it into a scavenger hunt as you explore outside. Or practice a few keywords when you are playing or practicing sports outside. 

Include your child’s interests
When Introducing French to your Toddler, By incorporating special characters or hobbies into your French learning, you’re much more likely to engage your toddler. For example, we came up with a superhero activity where we froze little figurines in an ice cube tray. The goal: save the superheroes! During this time we incorporated some new French vocabulary and everyone had fun learning and playing. Does your child love vehicles? Play a matching game and have them match the vehicles they have to our transportation cheat sheet. There are so many ways to incorporate French learning in to your child’s play! 

Read with your toddler
We are always on the hunt for some great French books and love to share them on our Instagram page and blog posts. Check out our many book recommendations and add them to your child’s library. Be sure to also check out your local library for some French book suggestions and see if they offer a bilingual or French story time. 

Take a parent and tot French class 
123 Petits Pas offers seasonal live and virtual parent and toddler classes, and we would love it if you joined us! Mme Amy leads parents and their children through fun songs and activities. The children are so engaged that they barely even notice they’re learning French at the same time! Check out our French programs page for more information to see if there is a class right for you! 

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