How to Introduce French to your Baby 

How to Introduce French to your Baby

Are you wanting to raise a bilingual baby but feeling unsure of how to get started?

We’ve got you covered!

Read below for recommendations and suggestions on how to introduce French to your baby (even if you don’t know any French yourself!) 

Start Simple

You can start introducing French by adding just a few simple phrases to your daily routines.
For instance, every time you go to change your child’s diaper, you can say “On va changer ta couche” (We’re going to change your diaper). This simple and repetitive phrase is easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

You can check out any of our cheat sheets found on our Instagram page or for bulk purchases in our store for frequently used terms for parents and babies.

In our cheat sheets, we include all pronunciation and translations too!
Work on one of two simple words and phrases until they become habits, then introduce more! 

Take a parent and infant class!

Want a fun and social way to dedicate some time to French learning? Each season we lead fun French classes for caregivers and babies. Take a look at our website fore more details on the various types of classes we offer! 

Crash Course 

We offer a “Crash Course in Baby French” as a quick, easy, and budget-friendly way of introducing French to your 0-2 year old. These podcast type lessons along with our cheat sheets for around the house, allow you to get everything you need to start introducing French in just a few minutes. 


Include Baby French signs 

In most of the classes that we offer, we include some signs used in American Sign Language (ASL) to include in your baby’s day. Check out our Instagram page for a quick reel on some ASL to include in your infant’s vocabulary today. You can also learn more in our baby crash course and take advantage of two ASL posters. 

French Music

A great way to include French into your daily life, for you and your baby, is with music. You can have music playing in the background during any of your routines (cooking, driving, or playing!) Better yet, turn on some French tunes and dance! We’re sure it will make both you and baby smile. 

We’ve compiled a list of great French music for adults and children on our blog. Whenever you want some French tunes, check out our Spotify list and have some fun French learning. 

Read with your baby 

Reading can be an easy way for parents and babies to include French into their daily routines. If you’re not bilingual yourself, it can also help you to learn at the same time. Some of our top book recommendations can be found on our blog ” French Books for Babies & Infants”.

Be sure to check out our other blog posts at the bottom of this post for more book recommendations for specific age groups and a variety of topics

There is no wrong way to introduce French to your infant. Any exposure to the language is better than no exposure at all. Start introducing French a.s.a.p with these suggestions and if you ever need further tips, or have any questions, please always feel free to reach out. Merci!